Animation Services

We offer the following services:

  • animation: 2D animation, videos for startups, animated presentations;
  • filming: commercials, presentations, corporate and music videos;
  • post-production: special effects, video editing, color correction, titles and credits, movie previews.

Supamotion brings together professionals in graphic design, animation, cinematography and color correction.
We offer custom music scores and voice-overs from our recording studio.
Please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you with any other service.

Production time:

  • animated video — 15 workdays or longer, depending on complexity and length over three minutes
  • filmed video — 7 workdays or longer, depending on complexity

(Note that we estimate production time upon receipt of detailed brief.
The client is informed in advance of changes in schedule and deadlines.)

Our Workflow:

1. The script
1.1 Develop the concept
1.2 Write the script
1.3 Client approval
1.4 Write copy and translate (if required)
1.5 Record voice-overs

2. Graphics
2.1 Create storyboards
2.2 Review and edit storyboards
2.3 Client approval of storyboards
2.4 Create graphics based on storyboards
2.5 Edit graphics
2.6 Client approval of graphics
2.7 Prepare graphics for animation
2.8 Add scene screenshots to script; describe animation
2.9 Client approval of final script and animation

3. Animation
3.1 Animate
3.2 Client approval of animation
3.3 Edit animation
3.4 Assemble final cut
3.5 Add music and sound effects
3.6 Final review and approval